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Fishing the Marathon Area

The keys to fishing the Marathon waters!

Structure is Important

When you fish the Marathon area, as with all fishing in the ocean and surrounding waters, structure is very important.  In most cases, your best anchoring position will normally be so your bait will move in the current towards the structure. Your chum and bait will draw the fish that normal swim around the structure, off the structure to see what is going on and to feed. Be sure to spend some time making sure you are in the best position to catch fish.  I little more time setting up and being in the right position can be the difference in a good and great fishing day!


Using a Fish Finder

Spend a little time with rental boat assistant so that you fully understand the fish finder on your rental boat. It is important that can use this tool here well in the Florida Keys. You will be looking for that structure mentioned above.  You will also look for signs of fish on the finder.


Fishing the Marathon, FL Keys Waters

The Florida Keys is an angler’s paradise and si known as the “Fishing Capital of the World.”  Marathon, in the middle of the Keys, has one of the richest and most productive recreational fishing grounds in Florida with nearly all Atlantic sports fishing species prominent in the area.
The chart above covers the more prominent of the sport fishing species in the Marathon area with a rating system as to the best time of year to target that species.  It is also why you can visit the Keys multiple times per year and still have the opportunity to catch trophy fish because something is always in season.